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incremental backup, backs up file but no changes have been made

edited June 2012 in DrivePool

I'm having issues with backing up my shares that are in the pool.  I've tested with a couple of programs and sync tools.   After running the first full backup, if I run an incremental backup,  even though no changes have been made to the files, and no addtional files have been added  The backup programs, depeding on the share, will perfrom a second full backup, or backup a few files.  seems to vary by share.  I've used a number of backup tools, one being cobian, which seems to have the list amout of issues, but it will find a few extra files to add to the incremental,  I also have an old copy of Genie backup manager 8 Home, has the same issues, (I have an old copy that sill installs on Win Server, the current release will not run on win Server),  Backup4 all also has issues.  I've also used a file sync tool called Free file sync, and if use the bit for bit file compare, it shows that some files have changed, but again, I'm growing a little concerned.

The only other thing I have going on that may have an impact on the files is Perfect Disk 12.


Anyone else seeing similiar behavior?  I'm running the latest build



  • The Issues seems that every time I click on a file in a share with in the pool the system updates the modified date.  I'm looking in Windows explorer, and If I just hight light a picture, the modified dated is updated to the current date and time,  I don't think is an issue with drivepool, but is it something to do with the shadow copy?

    I just did a CRC32 compare of my pictures shares, and the checks sums are matching up to an older backup from my whs V1 , any idea why the modifed dates continue to update?

  • edited June 2012 Member
    well, I was just in windows explorer of another system I've just built with out drivepool, and I'm not having any issues as I just described above with the modifed dates changing by just highlighting a jpg/file.  I can only assume my permissions are screwed.
  • Resident Guru
    If your system is changing the modified date of files just by highlighting them, I would be very curious to know what else you have running on your system. Neither drivepool nor shadow copy should do that.
  • edited June 2012 Member
    I'm running  perfect disk 12, Comodo AV, Backup4All, and the addins are lights out, Drivepool, and
    Awieco remote launcher.  I did install a couple of other backup tools after identifying their was an issue  The only thing I can think of is that I did an OS reinstall not to long ago, and manually linked the shares by updating the permissions in the share folder so I could get them added back to the dash board, ; I found a post on the driver bender forums with the same issue. ;

    If I RDP in to the server, and view a share in the details view, I can highlight a file, the modified date changes instantly to the current data and time.  I finally went live with my WHS 2011 server, and noticed that my backups would continue to back up data, even though I'm in a freeze period, this is happening in the default whs shares and the ones I created.

    I've noticed in my movie folders the cover art is changing as well, I assume this because they are being pulled in to media browser by my HTPC's, but the the modified dates of the ISO files have not changed, I can only assume its because there's no native application on the system that can view an ISO file, the must be mounted.

    Since I'm starting over with a new system, I'm going to try the recently released utility that helps reconnect shares on a new OS install, and then I'll relink the shares as I did before to see if I can duplicate the problem. 

  • Resident Guru
    Try running the Resource Monitor to see what is accessing each file when you highlight it (Resource Monitor, Disk Tab)?
  • edited June 2012 Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, here are the programs that show up in the resource monitor when I select a file, Explorer.exe, cmdagent.exe (comodo AV), system, searchprotocolhost.exe.  I assume its searchprotocolhost.exe that's causing the issue, and its running as a backgroud process, any idea why it might be updating the file last modified dates?




  • edited June 2012 Resident Guru
    On my WHS2011 system it's SearchProtocolHost.exe (note the title case), and that's part of Microsoft's Windows Search and should only be reading your files, not modifying them.

    Hmm. I suggest downloading Process Monitor (procmon.exe) from SysInternals ( and run it on your server.

    Use the icons in the upper-right of procmon to turn off monitoring of everything except for files.

    Leaving procmon running, go back to Explorer and highlight a file with a unique name (that way you can easily filter out non-relevant results) so that its last modified time changes. Note the time.

    Now go back to procmon. Turn off capture (click the magnifying glass icon so that it is crossed out) and set the filter for just that file: Filter menu, choose Filter..., change Architecture to Path, change Is to Contains, in the data field type in the name of your file, leave Include as Include, then Apply and OK). This should make procmon's output a lot easier to parse. :)

    (you don't have to put in the actual path to the file, just the name of the file)

    There'll probably be a fair bit of stuff reading the file, but what we're interested in is what processes have modified it.
  • Resident Guru
    If nothing leaps out, try filtering to include the Operation "WriteFile".
  • OK, explorer.exe is listed as the "write file" operation a number of times, there's also tons of "read File", then there "create file" by searchprotocolhost.exe. listed a number of times as well.  698 entries related to the file in 4 seconds.
  • ok, figured out the source of the problem, Something to do with the antivirus, I was able to duplicate it on another system, no issues before the install, after installing comodo, the modified dates were changing again, uninstalled the program, and no issues. 

  • Resident Guru
    Ouch. Antivirus is supposed to keep our files from being mucked with, not to do the mucking! :/
  • edited June 2012 Member

    tuns out, Comodo AV works fine with out drivepool installed, so it looks like a compatibility
    issue between the two, Anyone recommend an AV?

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