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Date modified does not update after adding files to a folder.

edited June 2012 in DrivePool
I save TV shows to my server and have a bunch of folders.  Each show has its own.  Some shows have subfolders for seasons.  These update when I drag shows into them.  The main folder for that show then updates as well.  But when I drag files from my HTPC to the server they do not update the main folder modified date.  I turned off duplication on this TV folder as well because every day I came back to my HTPC the latest updated folders were all resorted.  They all had the date of the day as the modified date.  Nothing had been added though.  I use the modified date so I know which shows have the newest shows I need to watch.  What can I do to make the date modified work as it does in normal windows?


  • Updating timestamp on directories have a small performance hit, it is therefor disabled by default.

    You need to set 'CoveFs_SynchronizeDirectoryTimes' to true in the config file and restart the service/reboot the server.

    See for information about how to do this.
  • Member
    That worked.  Thank you very much..  That line was not in my config file so I just added it.  When I tried to save the file as stated in your link it did not work.  So I just copied the default file and then just saved as the same name.  Worked then.  I named it as it said to, but it was saved as a txt file.  No other option was available in the save as dialog menu.
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    Ok, only certain folders update when adding or changing a file in the folder. They are all stored in the same master folder on the pool.
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