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thumbs.db files always seem to cause duplication errors

edited June 2012 in DrivePool
Hey everyone!

Just about every time I check on my pool, I see 50% on the "pool condition" indicator.   The problem always seems to be some sort of duplication error, and a list of anywhere from one to a dozen "thumbs.db" files in various folders across the pool.  I have it fix the error, and everything comes back fine initially, but the error always returns.   Anyone else see this, or know what I can do about it?

Thanks!   LOVING Drivepool.  16 disks, 19.3 TB total pool, 13 folders, 7.2 TB of duplicated files, and this is the ONLY problem I've had in at least 2 months.   Bravo, Alex!!!



  • I'm betting this is due to Windows explorer having directories open on client machines which are trying to create thumbs.db files, or modify them, while duplication is running.

    Turn off thumbnail creation on your client PCs and the problem should go away would be my guess.
  • I thought that, too.  Though I wonder (and I'm just thinking "out loud" :-) ) how my HTPC accessing and/or modifying a "thumbs.db" file is different than, let say, Windows Live Photo Gallery accessing and/or modifying a picture file?    My guess is that you're right, but it seems that there should eventually be a way for DrivePool to be able to handle this w/o throwing up errors!

    Again, this is VERY picky!    Great stuff, and we are down to the nitty gritty!   
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