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cannot be installed

edited June 2012 in DrivePool
I think this maybe left over from the last install, what can I do to clean out the old install (the service was frozen on me I couldn't access it, so I renamed the program files folder for stable bit to keep it from booting, then I was able to remove it from WHS, I rebooted, now i'm trying to install this verision and when it's almost done installing it tells me "the add-in cannot be installed on the server") so is there something I'm missing or failing to do, I think for the most part the old addon should be completely removed from the system. is there a OS check check I can do for WHS?

It's really frustrating, before with the beta a week ago the service just stopped working in WHS, but I could still use the pool (but not create new directories) so I bought driverpool and trying to get the new version installed and this starts happening. I'm not sure if it's a WHS problem or StableBit


  • Resident Guru
    Hi, did you also remove the "c:\programdata\stablebitdrivepool" folder?
  • and have a look in the dashboard add-in area to see if it has gone from there. (if you uninstalled via the control panel which does not fully remove the program)
  • Yes, i removed it via the dashboard, I figured it wouldn't be in programs and features because it's a wssx file. I haven't tried removing prgramdata I'll try that when I get home today.
  • renamed the stablebitdriverpool folder, rebooted tried to install again, failed at the same point (seemly right after it "finds a new drive and installs drivers sucessfully") I'm going to try to uninstall the drivers and delete them, thinking that may be holding it up, I really hope I don't loose any data. I herd that as long as the physical drives don't get wiped or repartitioned and are left alone that stablebit can rebuild anything!

  • Still didn't work, anything else I should check or where do I find the logs so I can start hunting down what's preventing the install
  • I take it now I have no choice but to do a re-install of WHS 2011? I'm guessing there isn't any solutions, when it comes to this raid though, is there anything I should do before the format to make sure drivepool can rebuild it properly without me losing 4TB of data?
  • edited June 2012 Member

    Yes... Ensure you unplug all drives except the install drive..If u have needed data anywhere on the physical install drive, migrate that off too. WHS2011 will wipe the full drive regardless of any partitions u have set up.

    I should add tho, that Shanes post about DELETING (not renaming) the program data folder, is correct. That and ONLY that is the correct procedure for removing remnants of DrivePool. If DrivePool freezes then "services.msc" to stop the drivepool service.I gotta say tho,  I have never heard of anyone renaming program files folders as a solution to problems. To my mind it will only lead to more.

    In essence, you have taken so many bad steps, that i feel a reinstall will now be your best option.

  • ah ok, we'll i'm coming from linux, I was always brought up that renaming was a way to remove something and make a backup. so programdata/driverpool/ gets renamed to programdata/driverpoolbackup/ That way when the program looks for the driverpool directory it isn't there and giving the effect of deleting it but easily restoring the data if needed. 

    That's never messed anything up for me but like I said I'm a bit new to windows. 
  • No worries... And regarding the other question.. My server runs 14 Hdd's and an Ssd for the O/S. 10 out of the 14 drives are in the pool.I decided to reinstall the other week. When u put drivepool back on after the reinstall, it simply sees the serverpool part folders. So your pool will be exactly the same as prior to reinstalling. Again you will only have an issue if you have the remainder of your O/S drive as part of the pool. For me, despite being told what a waste an SSD is in a server, its the way to go. Either that or a simple 250 GB. If you are forced to install on a larger drive, then i would be tempted to have client backups on the remaining partition. Yes on reinstall they are gone, but can anyone be so unlucky as to have a client go down, in the couple of hours that it takes to reinstall the server. What does your hardware consist of, hard drive wise?
  • 2x 2TB barracuda Green
    1x 500GB barracuda green

    I thought I installed the OS to the 500, but looks like the  C: and D: partitions are on one of the 2TB, so I guess I should move that data off the 500, install the C to drive, what's the best way of moving the data off the 500 in a way that it will still be there on reinstall? or at this point should I just make sure it only get's installed to the old C partition?

  • Personally i would firstly drag all the individual server folders to the root of the 2TB drives and also migrate the data on the 500GB drive to the larger drives. Ensure u drag the individual folders and not the entire "ServerFolders" as this will lead to issues after reinstall. So in my computer at the root of the 2TB drives you should have ONLY individual server folders. No "ServerFolders" folder and no "serverpoolpart" folder.

    So u can now reinstall ensuring its to the 500GB drive(best to disconnect the others for now.)

    Having reinstalled and reconnected all drives you can now install DrivePool. Add the 2x2TB drives to the pool. Then with the wizard move your folders from the default "d" location onto the pool. Possibly except for client backups. So on your pool drive u should now see your newly created but empty default folders.. music, videos, documents etc.

    I dont know your plans on duplication but even if u plan to duplicate, for now select duplicate later in the DrivePool settings. So now open two instances of explorer. In one browse to your pool drive. In the other browse to the first 2TB drive...On the first large drive open the first folder..probably documents. Move all data from here to the documents folder on your pool drive. Then move all your music to the newly created music folder etc..Repeat this with all the folders then browse to the second large drive and repeat the process. After this you can delete the now empty folders off the 2TB  drives. All your data is stored in the pool. Select duplication and striping as required. If you select show hidden folders you will see the "serverpoolpart" folder, within that the "ServerFolders" within each of these your data.If u dont show hidden folders, both 2TB drives will both look totally empty after u delete the old individual folders.

    Hopefully thats it.

    PS the reason i said about not moving the client backups.. The remainder of the install drive is as good a place as any for client backups.I personally wouldnt add that "d" partition to the pool.  If u were ever need to reinstall again you would again have to start migrating data. If you leave client backups to the original default folder. they would be the only thing u lost. Whats the chances of a client dying in the time it takes to reinstall your server!!

    Hope this helps. We seem to be in different time zones so i have tried to cover everything. But no doubt something will be missed :-(         


  • The server folder don't work anymore, from trying to uninstall the unworking stablebit, removed the virtual drives, so do I then move the hidden .part folders created by the driver pool?
  • Yes.. Move all those to the root of the drive.. Then when the serverpool part folders are all empty, delete them. Then reinstall your server. Basically you will be starting from sctach.. Your best option imo. Then do the reinstall.. Then follow my earlier post when you have installed DrivePool on your new sytem.Dont forget to migrate from the 500GB drive tho.
  • I figured it out, I installed to the 2TB because I actually have 2 500GB but they are IDE and I thought IDE (through a PCI adapter because my mobo doesn't have even 1 IDE channel) would lower the performance. and this server is used for live trasncoding of video content so I figured it would be the OS drive would need to be a little speedy to handle any caching it needs to do for transcoding, do you think the IDE drive with the PCI adapter doesn't matter and I should still use that for an OS drive? 
  • I would have thought u would still be ok with an ide drive. But to be honest its MANY years since i used an IDE. Maybe someone who knows a little more about IDE could chip in. It just bothers me that if you store any data on the remainder of the 2TB drive, youre gonna be back to square one with migrating stuff, should you need to reinstall.
  • Alright I got it fixed a while back, forgot about the thread and got busy with work. 

    I found i was wrong about what drives were in there. I had a 320gb Sata that i decided to use as the os. So my steps to recover.

    - note when i'm referring to "data" or "backed up" I'm talking about the hidden folders with all the random characters at the root of these drives which is what driver pool puts the data into

    Took all the data on the OS drive and backed it up to an external.

    Took all the data on the 320GB and backed it up to an external.

    Installed WHS2011 on 320GB. (to be safe only have that drive connected for the install)

    Then plugged in all the drives, formated the OS drive and put it's data back on it. (because by default WHS2011 partitions the master drive and that woulda been a waste of space)

    I bought another 2TB and put the 320's data onto that.

    Once all the data was in the drives and hooked up I installed the newest driverpool, 

    Driver pool automagically detected the drives with data on them and rebuilds the pool on it's own. One drive didn't seem to get picked up automatically and all that was needed was for it to be manually added. 

    I made sure this time not to use the OS drive (now 320) for the pool, instead I use the extra space on there as a cache for sabznb downloads and unpacking (as i figured doing a rar unpack across the pool probably would hog down the CPU and drive performance which could be a real problem if someone is accessing time sensitive data off the drives, like movies or music)

    But in conclusion it seems like there was no way to fix the broken beta, or even update it to the new version without a full fresh install. So along with backup up driver pool data I also backed up sabnzb, couchpotoato and sickbeard, For anyone curious the way I did that was simple, both CP and SB sit in their folder structures so just moving the folders took care of that. as for sabnzb that I had to grab it from the program files as well as the "appdata" that's hidden under the user account for administrator, in the new server I replaced both of these folders in their rightful place and re ran the install (so that it could be installed to run at boot) all the old downloads history and server setup is all there, just had to change directories. any questions feel free to ask
  • Im glad you got your system up and running again. I should have mentioned, after saying about storing as little critical data on the remaining O/S drive partition in case of having to reinstall. My solution was exactly the same as yours. In my case tho i use it to pull the completed torrents from my seedbox.
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