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Moving Files From Within The Pool

edited July 2012 in DrivePool


One thing that has bugged me for a while now is that if you move files from one root folder to another DP has to copy the file to the new destination folder even if both folders are on the pool can this be fixed or something we have to live with it is not a problem with sub folders just main root folders surely just
changing the location of the file directory would be easier and much quicker.

For instance
I want to move a film from New movies to Action movies DP has to copy the file to the new destination which can take 5 to 10 mins depending on the size of the film even if the folders are located on the pool even more puzzling is that even if both folders are duplicated it has to redo that as well seems like a
lot of extra wasted hardrive activity that is not needed.

I suppose one fix for this would be the ability for DP to allow us to select sub directories for duplication this would mean I could have all my movies in one folder rather having to make separate folders so I can duplicate the ones I need to this also creates a the problem of been able to select access permissions for sub folders. I think DP need a bit more work on how it stores the folders and also how it allows user access to subfolder's.


Current setup to allow for dupe and access rights. Transferring films from 1 root to another 5 to 10 mins per film.

                   Duplication                 Access settings

         Action      Yes          Kids Room No - Living room yes

C:<   Thriller      No 

        Comedy    Yes 

        Sci-fi         No

This setup I feel would make better use of the software and allow for instant moving of files between folders and allow for me to have all my movies in 1 folders and allow me to set dupe on the sub folder I need to then there is the permission problem of setting access to sub folders I personally think this is something that need to be looked at in the next update.

Ideal use of Folders. File transfer between subfolder's instant and also no need to re duplicate saving energy wear tear and time.

                                     Duplication                    Access settings

                          Action      Yes              Kids room No - Living room Yes

C:<      Movies< Thriller    No

                         Comedy   Yes

                         Sci-fi        Yes



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