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DrivePool and SBSE 2011

edited June 2011 in DrivePool

I was wondering if you have any intentions of making DrivePool work with Small Business Server Essentials 2011 (SBSE)? or since WHS and SBSE have the same architecture, SBSE is also supported.

Currently, I am running build 1679 on a SBSE machine (I missed the User folder structure from WHS v1), and so far, I don't have any issues with the software, except maybe when creating pooled share folders, I get an error message when settings permissions to users.  Other than that, looks nice!


  • Resident Guru
    Alex has stated, "A port to SBS 2011 is highly likely, but we'll have to evaluate this more closely once we're at least at BETA M3."
  • Hello CoveCube Team,

    I too would welcome an iteration of Drive Pool for SBSE 2011, since I run that box as well.  I also run a box with Windows Storage Server (WSS) 2008 R2, and I could sure use your DrivePool add-in for that endeavor as well.  Please keep us updated on any developments of a DrivePool on both of these Windows server products

  • Covecube
    Any info will be posted to But this won't happen until at least M4 is out.
  • Great.  Thanks.  Let me know if I can be of any help testing DrivePool on SBSE 2011.  It is currently running on my server.
  • Member
    I have Drivepool installed on WSS as we speak, seems to work exactly the same as on WHS.

    Pooled drives working as expected from the testing ive done
  • edited June 2011 Covecube
    I've done a cursory test run of DrivePool on SBSE 2011, seems to work as expected. There might be no port work necessary.

    It's still not an officially supported platform yet, just because it wasn't tested enough. But it looks like it should work fine on it.

    Edit: To anyone reading this not familiar with SBSE, we're talking about the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, not Standard.
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