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Odd Scanner Smart Monitoring

edited July 2012 in Scanner


Scanner not showing smart data for all my Drives but it seems to be random every time i open the dashboard different drives show the data and then those that were are not anybody having this problem.




  • I am also having this problem on both of my servers after updating to from beta.  Randomly it will give me smart info on different drives after a restart of the server.  Setting UnsafeDirectIO to True has no effect at all.

  • Ditto. Installed latest released version of Scanner on a relatively fresh install of WHS 2011 (about a week old). With six drives in the server, only one drive recognised with SMART data available. Rebooted the server several times with same effect although the SMART drive was randomly different each time. Unfortunately, short on time to carry out any further testing and have un-installed Scanner for the moment.

  • edited September 2012 Member
    I have the same thing, i won't be buying at the end of the trial unless it fixed.

    Installed the beta and the smart information is picked up fine on all the drives but obviously i have no dashboard integration now. So hopefully Stablebit will fix the WHS2011 version quickly.
  • It takes time for the Scanner to pull down the Smart Data from BitFlock. Give it some time and it should retrieve the information.
  • My problem is similar but I have one disk specifically that shows no SMART data and when I right click and select Disk Details it crashes the dashboard.  Just installed beta and it changed nothing.  Have a Support request in on it.
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