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Verifying Duplication is Working

edited July 2012 in DrivePool
I'm running the trial of DrivePool and I really like it so far, I'm about ready to purchase it but one test remains.  I'm trying to validate that enabling duplication on a folder is working.  I have enabled it on one of my shares several days ago.  I don't see any errors in the console.  I've remoted to the server and done a search for a file that is in that folder.  It only finds it on the drivepool drive and one of the others.  I would have thought it should have found it on the drivepool drive and two others.  Are the duplicated files hidden?


  • edited July 2012 Member

    Yes they are... You need to go into control panel, folder options.

    From there click the "view" tab.. about 8th or 9th item down i think, is "show hidden files and folders."

    Select that and u will then see on each of your drives "serverpoolpartfolders" each will contain your various folders.


    This is assuming you select either "icon view" option in Control Panel.

  • I already had that selected, if I hadn't I wouldn't have even been able to search and find the copies of the files that I had.  I guess when I asked if they were hidden I meant are they hashed or renamed into some other format (the duplicate copies).

  • Hey sorry.. its been a long day at work lol.. I should have read your post properly. :-(

    I have never had your issue.. A possiblity is to actually deselect duplication for the folder. Reboot server and duplicate folder again... Other than banal thoughts like that im really at a loss!

  • Well thanks for taking the time anyway, I know exactly how it goes.  :D

    I'll probably try doing what you suggest, can't hurt.
  • Well ya know what, that worked.  Curious why it didn't work the first time I set it up... and I had even clicked on the "check duplication consistency" and it didn't come back with any errors.  Does leave me a little concerned about the robustness of DrivePool but I'm still happy with how it works.
  • edited July 2012 Member

    Im glad it worked.. Its really strange why you had initial problems. My pool is currently at 17.7TB. Some folders are duplicated and others not. Im pretty sure i have never had an issue with duplication .

    I should add, i actually mean the folders that arent duplicated are the ones i chose NOT to duplicate lol

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