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Problem moving folders into Drive Pool

edited July 2012 in DrivePool

After putting drives into the Pool, I tried moving some server folders into the Pool.  The moving process took very long (127Gb) and appeared to stuck at "Enabling shadow copies".  I closed the Dashboard and restarted it.  The folder showed as "moving".  It took more than 10 hours and was still in the status of "moving".  What should I do?


  • Resident Guru
    If you launch Resource Monitor (start, "resmon") and examine Disk activity, are files actually being moved?
  • The files were actually moved.  After completion of copying the files over, the process was stuck at "enabling shadow copies" forever. After waiting overnight, I had to restart the server.  Then the "moving" process was considered canceled and the files were restored to the original location.  I tried to disable "shadow copies" for all the physical drives.  But the moving folder process still went to the "enabling shadow copies" step and was stuck there.  I am using DrivePool in the trial mode.  I might have to abandon using it.
  • edited July 2012 Resident Guru
    Could you file a bug report with Alex via ? That's not a minor problem (or at least, I'm going to guess it doesn't yet have a quick forum fix).
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