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What is the Maximum Size of a Pool with DP?

edited August 2012 in DrivePool
I have a HP MicroServer with 4x Seagate 3TB hard drives + a 160GB Intel SSD for the OS (WSSE 2008 R2) and DP.  I want to add some 4 bay San Digital JBOD units for a total of 16 hard drives at 3TB each.  That's about 48TB of raw storage (24TB with duplication turned on), and I want to know if DP will handle that much.  Thanks for any solid information that someone can provide


  • edited August 2012 Member
    I think that should work just fine.  My pool runs fine, reports 32.7TB and consists of 20 hard drives that are anywhere from 1TB to 3TB each.
  • Read somewhere that the largest NTFS file system size is 256TB.

    So I assume in it's current iteration, 256TB would be the limit.  Once multiple pool support is added that will grow by the number of pools.
  • Ditto.  I have a pool of 21 hard drives at about 25TB.  Works like a charm!  (and these are pretty much every kind of drive installation - internal, USB, eSATA on port multiplier, internal on a PCI SATA card).  DrivePool is QUITE versatile and rock solid.
  • edited August 2012 Resident Guru
    Somewhere there's a thread on this forum where somebody had DP running on a VM emulating over a hundred TB without DP breaking a sweat... aha.

    Pity the screenshots are gone, but a "mere" 48TB isn't going to bother DrivePool. You'll run into NTFS/hardware limitations first. And mentions that DP's limit is "many petabytes".
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