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Copy Pool to Media Server

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
Hi All,
I am running DP as a Trial at the moment. Would like to keep a copy of most of my folders contained within the Pool on a Backup Server. Have had problems with multiple drive failures and want to keep a copy off the WHS just in case.

Can I just do a backup from the Pool Drive ( P Drive) or do I need to take a backup from the individual drives ( F to M) ?

If this is the case  I am guessing if I have two drives fail at the same time I can just replace them and then copy back the files from my Server back to the Drive Pool "P" drive and DP will sort out their location.

All the best

Paul T


  • I'm interested in something like this as well.  I was hoping to use the built in backup to save certain folders in the pool to a remote drive.
  • This will work:

    robocopy /E /COPY:DAT "P:" "X:"

    Of course, you should use a tool that is designed for this task, I use the CloudBerry add-in for WHS 2011 and set up a nightly job to incrementally backup my entire pool to some local external backup drives I have. Works perfectly.
  • Perfect... I'll have to check out cloudberry.  I just installed CrashPlan to give it a try as well!  
  • Great, thanks for the answer, i had already looked at Cloudberry but was not sure if it would work copying the pool. Will also have a look at Crashplan. 
  • I have been using Crashplan and DP for almost a year now with out issue.  What i like about Crashplan is i have two backup sets one is to a esata drive locally (600gb)  and the other is to Crashplan offsite (250gb).  It took Crashplan 20 days to backup the 250gb initially bu tnow it does the incremental in about an hour each night.

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