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Looks like "Storage Spaces" may not be everything that DrivePool is (or even close)

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
I've played with storage spaces on WS2012e and Windows 8 a bit, and have been very disappointed in what I am seeing.   I was, honestly, ready to jump to WS2012e as soon as it was available, as the stability of Storage Spaces did sound appealing.

Honestly, I think what i am seeing makes me hope that Alex will port DrivePool to BOTH Windows 8 and WS2012e.   There's a lot to like about both, but Storage Spaces has a long way to go.  The biggest deal breaker for me is that there is NO way to safely remove a drive from a pool or a space without removing all the data and essentially deleting the pool.  Just removing the drive "as a failed drive" has been suggested, but that's not the way it should be.   So essentially there is no way to upgrade your pool by swapping out smaller drives for larger ones.    There doesn't seem to be any drive balancing either.

Either way, bottom line is that DrivePool still VERY much has a place in the server arena.   From what I'm seeing in the reviews, and from my experience playing with it myself, DrivePool is a MUCH better alternative.   Keep it up, Alex!   Look at this as an add-in for WS2012e as well.   I'd go that route in a heartbeat.


  • as an afterthought, has anyone tried installing DP on WS2012e?   Apparently all add-ins are supposed to work...

    I might just tinker with that and see what happens just for fun.
  • Sorry to bring up an older thread... Yes, I've tried it on 2012 Essentials. Doesn't work. The driver for the Pool (aka the CoveFS drive) just don't work. And the add-in "tab" doesn't update at all. And the settings page isn't there unless you click on "settings" in the drivePool tab.  So, definitely not working.
  • Couldn't agree more - very disappointed in Storage Spaces. Would love to see DriveExtender for Windows Server 2012 Essentials!
  • I tried it as well recently once the final version became available on TechNet.   Giant fail.   I am usually the one to jump right into the next version of something, but that's not happening here.   Storage Spaces does not come close to the functionality we need, or what is offered in DrivePool.   Deal Breaker.   As much as there are lots of things to like about WS2012e, none of them are worth putting up with Storage Spaces and the lack of what DrivePool adds to WHS2011.

    I certainly hope that Alex is considering porting to 2012.  I would pay for an upgrade!
  • I requested that they get this implimented as I cannot stand storage spaces. Here is the response from Alex.

    DrivePool 2.0 will support Windows Vista and above (including Server 2012 essentials). There are no plans to support Dashboard integration (like in DrivePool 1.X) in the initial 2.0 release. It's something that is possible in the future.

    But DrivePool 2.0 should work fine under Server 2012 Essentials once that's out.

    It's scheduled for public BETA by the end of this year, but it might slip into Q1 2013. It is being worked on now, that is the next priority.
  • I can't imagine Storage Spaces coming close to what is provided by Drive Pool.   I installed the new beta this week (with multiple pools) and "finally" got around to migrating my data off raid arrays and onto the pools.   I spent a considerable amount of time identifying drives (to know which was which for labeling etc) and pulled and replaced drives over and over from slot to slot in my enclosures.    Drive Pool never ever had an issue.   Showed drives as missing and kept on running as able, then added the reinserted drives back into the pool and kept on going.

    Drive Pool is awesome.   I'm beyond happy that I have this capability back.  I'm running 24 drives (various 3 to 1.5 tb sizes) and without Drive Pool I just shiver at how I'd handle all of them.

    I've lost ALL trust in raid arrays after having arrays start rebuilding when a drive would drop from an array after heavy load or a power outage or glitch.    It's scary to watch, waiting for something to occur mid-rebuild and lose all data.

    I'd MUCH rather invest in extra drives and duplicate.    The new "Multiple Pool" feature (as we requested and received!) is also great for optimizing performance.  I have my sata3 dirves/enclosure on s separate pool and hosting my blu-ray rips to assure proper streaming performance.

    Great stuff and I sure hope Cove keeps on churning out new versions and supporting the product.   I hope that the public realizes that Storage Spaces isn't the game and Drive Pool is the way to go.   We need to see support for Drive Pool in 2012/Windows 8 and then need to push out the message!
  • santiagodraco, I agree about consumer level raids.  I have lost countless amounts of data using raid setups.  Drive Pool is one of the best software purchases that I have ever made.

    I hope 2.0 doesn't slip into 2013 but if it does, no worries because I know Alex will produce a winning product.
  • Excellent to know that DP is coming for WS2012e!   I know that Alex will get it right when it does come out!

    I wonder, though, why the add-in for dashboard support isn't being brought over?    With my experience trying WHS2011 add-ins in WS2012e, it is the dashboard part that is often the only thing that *does* work.   Apparently MS made sure that the dashboard stuff would work easily from WHS to WS2012e.   Hopefully that'll just be a temporary situation (or maybe just what won't be included in the beta).

    Looking forward to trying it out.  I still have my WS2012e test server sitting ready in waiting!
  • edited December 2012 Member
    I don't trust DriveSpaces either. I'm all about StableBit DrivePool for the long haul. While I'm happy on 2011 today I'd rather be on 2012 like everyone else here.

    I too was wondering if Windows Server Essentials 2012 is on the DrivePool road map for next year.

    I guess I'd be happy with a stand alone app that works on 2012 but would be happier with the full dashboard integration.

    As I said in another thread, The only two apps stopping me from upgrading from 2011 to 2012 is and StableBit DrivePool+scanner

    It seems MyMovies just released a new beta that adds 2012 support. (And they originally said they wouldn't)

    "Important! The My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 product have been renamed to My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution, as it now supports both Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials as part of the same package. Due to this change, it is important that you uninstall any current installation of My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 before installing this update - all data will be kept during this operation, which will function just as any other upgrade."
  • That is great news about my movies, another one of my favorite applications.
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