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Client backups

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
I am about to upgrade my WHS v1 to WHS 2011 and DrivePool, and I wonder:

Can/should I place the client backups on the pool?

Any recommendations/caveats?

thanks in advance



  • This has been discussed several times, try using search to catch up. I tend not to have the backups in the pool and I'll explain why.

    Having a share in the pool means that the files in that share is potentially spread access all your drives. This statistically increases the probability that the share will experience data loss caused by a faulty disk. The client backups are in essence a large database and is very vulnerable to faults. It is built up of numerous 2GB files and some index files. If any one of these files get corrupted or go missing the database needs repair and you will lose some or all of your client backups. To combat this problem you will need to duplicate the client backups share. 

    My client backup folder is about 800 GB and having that duplicated will waste more space than I have. Thus I have if outside of the pool on a single HDD. 
  • Thanks,

    I understand your point, and will keep my client backups
    outside the pool.


  • I just installed Drive Pool and as soon as I did my client backups wouldn't run. I tried a few things to resolve the issue like recreating the backup folder and setting my backups up again but nothing seemed to work. So on a hunch I remove a 1.5 gig drive from my pool and rebuilt the backup folder on the non-pooled drive. I started a backup a few minutes ago and it's getting further than any of the others have. I'm hoping this has resolved the issue but raises the question -- why?

    Is there a known issue in Drive Pool that results in not keeping the backup database in the pool? If so, are there other types of folders that should NOT be kept in the pool?
  • There was an issue long ago. But I believe the released version as well as the 1.2 betas all support having the backup database in the pool. But you should reboot your server after moving the Client backup folder just to make sure everything is reset correctly. DP does top the backup service before moving it and starts it again afterwards, but I've had problems until I reboot in the past.
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