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Adding to the Windows 7 Library

edited June 2011 in DrivePool
Right now I can't add a one of the pooled folders to the Library.  It states that the folder needs to be indexed.  Any plans on this feature being added soon?


  • edited June 2011 Resident Guru
    Here be Microsoft dragons. Library folders don't actually need to be indexed, because while windows explorer claims you can't do it, windows media player / media centre / photo gallery / etcetera do allow adding non-indexed network locations. So there must be a way for us to add non-indexed locations to our libraries.

    Thankfully somebody else already did the hard work:

    (note: read that webpage carefully, and use the tool's save button to backup your existing library configuration before proceeding - some people have experienced problems)

    So until CoveCube can sort out the indexing problem (a whole other ball of Microsoft-flavored wax), you can use the tool above to add your pooled folders to your libraries.
  • edited June 2011 Member
    thanks for the link.  I'm going to give it a shot.  Right now I like the drive pooling, but it's not very useful if I can't incorporate it into the normal user process.  This is especially the case since I have 4 other computers in the family that I don't primarily use and it adds more work for me.
  • Covecube
    I've added this to the todo list. Not exactly sure what's involved here or if DrivePool can do anything about this.
  • Member
    Alright I have added my drivepool folders to the libraries on one of my computers using the link Shane provided.  The other thing I notice missing with the drivepool folders is a security tab.  It hasn't been an issue yet and it seems that adding the account through computer management did the trick I needed for making my shares work on my media center extenders.

    Thanks for looking into this.  So far everything works well.
  • Covecube
    Sure. If it's possible to fix it without rewriting half of the code, it'll be done :)

    M3 has the security tab. It's not out yet.
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