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File Placement

edited October 2012 in DrivePool


Having used drivepool and scanner since beta I have noticed that the same question pops up from time to time a new thread been (drive failure)

It is a problem finding out what files are stored where should the worst happen they have been many helpful members giving solutions to this problem in regards to command prompt's i think as this software is aimed at the general public note should be taken for Alex to add some kind add-on or built in upgrade that will catalogue what files are on each drive maybe something simple like a daily email from each drive in the pool with such information.  I personally would see this as a great add-on as i have over 78 thousand files in my pool and i know should the worst happen i would have no chance of finding out what is on what. If there is a budding programmer out there with the skills to make such an add-on i think it would be a life saver for many drivepool user's hopefully Alex can give us some input on this to see if it is possible or not.



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