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Permission issue

edited October 2012 in DrivePool
is there a permission issue with drivepool,
my setup:
WHS 2011 + DrivePool 1.2.6864

it happens with newly created files/folders that are created by sickbeard,
didnt test yet other options.
i also tried the tool but it fails with a error.

when running the tool is sometimes fixes the permission issue,
but when a new episode is put in the folder it has the same issue the files dont get the permissions they need.


  • Resident Guru
    I'd be checking the "owner" of the files/folders. Is the program running as a service, perhaps under its own user account?

    Also, since you're running a beta version of DrivePool, it may be a beta issue. Have you tried updating to the latest beta version ( or reverting to the latest stable release (
  • it runs as a service but not as another user,
    but it has always worked before i started to test drivepool.
    but now xbmc can't access the files anymore.
    i noticed the the permissions are different when comparing to the files that get the permission after i reset it with the tool and then change the permission again.

    the file created with sickbeard got the following permissions,
    the files that are set after running the tool and changing the permission have as settings

    if i revert back to stable will i loose something ?
    will the balance tool still work ?

  • edited October 2012 Resident Guru
    If you revert back to stable you will still have basic balancing but lose the beta features (balancing plugins, some bugfixes/enhancements, etc). You won't lose data.

    Remember to reboot between uninstalling the beta and installing the stable.
  • when upgrading/downgrading do i always need to uninstall it first ?,
    or can i just install the plugin version i need ?
  • Resident Guru
    When upgrading (from older to newer) you can safely install over the old one; DP will prompt you if a restart is required afterwards.

    When downgrading (from newer to older, especially from beta to stable) it might not be necessary to uninstall+reboot first, but I would do it that way just to be on the safe side.
  • edited October 2012 Member
    well i upgraded to the latest beta,
    did a reboot and now it seems to work and the permissions are also right.
    i think the reboot solved it.

    oh somehow running the tool also works now without a error.

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