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Folders will not stay duplicated

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
I have two servers running WHS2011 and StableBit DrivePool  Server 1 is primary and Server 2 is the backup.  Server 1 and Server 2 shared folders are in a daily sync.  Server 1==>Server 2 one way mirror.

On Server 1 (15.5TB Pooled, 4.7TB Used, 5.9TB Free):

StableBit DrivePool runs like a champ. No issues.  Everything is duplicated.

On Server 2 (10.9TB Pooled, 4.4TB Used, 6.5TB Free):

StableBit DrivePool runs like a champ.  But does not stay duplicated

I enable duplication on a folder, and the status windows says "duplicating."  I will check on it hours later, to see if it has finished.  Under the duplicated column it will say "No"  I have tried this on different folders and the same results.  I have even tried deleting the contents, then enabling duplication, and then copy to the folder.  Same results again.  It seems to be duplicating it at first.  But after a few hours, it forgets to stay duplicated.

Any thoughts?  


  • edited November 2012 Resident Guru
    I shouldn't think the sync would be involved, but just to be sure, could you further describe how that's set up?

    E.g. does server1 push to server2, or server2 pull from server1, and is the destination a network share or the pool or a physical drive?

    Also, what is the software that's doing the syncing?
  • Server1 pushes data to Server2

    Server1 access data from local pool drive.  Server2 destination is network shares, in which network shares are on a pooled drive also.

    I use robocopy to keep them in sync.  Below is an example of the script as it runs from Server1.

    robocopy e:\Serverfolders\Music \\Server2\Music /mir
    robocopy e:\Serverfolders\Pictures \\Server2\Pictures /mir

    I hope this makes sense.
  • edited November 2012 Resident Guru
    That makes sense. Hmm. DP makes use of alternate data streams to manage folder duplication. Could you make sure nothing else is running on server2, enable duplication on server2, do a "dir /r" of the pool drive root on server1 and server2 to compare them, then run your sync script and then do another "dir /r" comparison immediately afterwards?

    I'm curious to see whether the sync is stripping the ADS tags. If it isn't, then I'd next be looking at any other software you might have on server2 that might be doing that.
  • This is the result of  doing dir /r on the rooted of both pooled drives.  Results are the same on both servers.

    11/03/2012  06:43 AM    <DIR>          ServerFolders
                                         4 ServerFolders:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA

    But I did some more testing.  Robocopy is part of the problem.  I have no idea if robocopy is stripping the ads tags or not.  But I did extract the following from the DP service log.  This is a right after running a robocopy mirror sync.

    DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [CoveFsPool] Incomplete file found: '\ServerFolders\Videos\SampleFile.txt' (ExpectedNumberOfCopies=1, Found=2) 2012-11-06 21:04:58Z 95099921242
    DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [CoveFsPool]   pool part 1: '\Device\HarddiskVolume1\PoolPart.8d904844-5dbd-4420-bada-c33afd5220ce\ServerFolders\Videos\SampleFile.txt' 2012-11-06 21:04:58Z 95099922509
    DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [CoveFsPool]   pool part 2: '\Device\HarddiskVolume2\PoolPart.0251e000-b701-4f7a-af0b-e33aa9c5db62\ServerFolders\Videos\SampleFile.txt' 2012-11-06 21:04:58Z 95099933702

    Thoughts?  Would like to keep using robocopy, because it is so fast and easy to mirror one way.  But I am willing to seek alternatives if necessary.
  • edited November 2012 Resident Guru
    Could you repeat the comparison (enable duplication, compare, run sync, compare again) but for the ServerFolders folder instead? "dir e:\serverfolders /r"

    And just to check, the e: in your script is your pool drive?
  • Correct E: is my pooled drive.  In fact E: is the pooled drive for both servers.

    I did the steps you suggested in order.  The following produced the same results every time, before and after.   What difference should I see?

     Directory of e:\ServerFolders

    11/06/2012  09:09 PM    <DIR>          .
                                         4 .:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA
    11/06/2012  09:09 PM    <DIR>          ..
    11/06/2012  09:10 PM    <DIR>          Music
                                         2 Music:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA
    11/06/2012  09:10 PM    <DIR>          Pictures
                                         2 Pictures:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA
    11/06/2012  09:10 PM    <DIR>          Videos
                                         2 Videos:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA
    11/02/2012  08:54 AM    <DIR>          Crashplan
                                         2 Crashplan:DuplicationCount.Tag.CoveFs:$DATA
  • Resident Guru
    If the robocopy was somehow stripping the ADS tags as part of the sync, server2 wouldn't have them after the sync finished. What other software do you have running on server2?
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