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Corrupted Admin Account - need to reinstall

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
Just not my month here with WHS 2011.  I had a power fluctuation / brownout this morning.  Even though I use a UPS the batter was dead.Test your UPS batteries.  Anyway, PC giving me "INVALID CHECKSUM" so I left it unplugged, did CMOS CLEAR and removed battery for about 30 minutes.

PC booted, all data intact, everything happy - except I found I can read files only - no mods, moves, deletes, or copy into.  All the basics are checked including profiles, users ... there is this 'unknown user" listed on the sharing folder that I cannot delete.  Trying to add the user that is MISSING under "user profiles" results in an "invalid character" message.  Clearly, there is a corrupt account.

I've spent about 1.5 hours trying various recommendations and at this point I have to say "UNCLE" I'm going to reinstall WHS2011.  There's only 2 small pieces of software on the server, anyway, AnyDVD HD & Drivepool.

If I reinstall the system, I understand Drivepool will find everything.  I'm a little concerned about my computer backups though.  Will they remain?


  • edited November 2012 Resident Guru
    If you're referring to WHS2011's client backups, and if they are kept in the standard WHS2011 location, then they're in D: which gets wiped during reinstall. You would have to manually move/copy the backup folder to a different drive to keep them.

    If instead they were being kept in the pool, then I'm not sure what the new install of WHS2011 will do with them (I'd guess overwrite them once it picks up the pool again), but if you can isolate them then there is a CoveCube tool that can apparently extract the disk images of the backed up computers:
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