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Drive is "missing" but it's not. What to do?

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
Good afternoon all!

I've got a 19 disk pool that's pretty much been solid for me for, well, a long time.   As of this morning, I'm getting a "disk missing" error, though the disk shows up in explorer, and all the data from the pool is there as it always was.   Is there a way that I can show DrivePool that the disk it says is missing is in fact there?   

Looking for recommendations!

btw, scanner says that the disk is healthy, so there's no issue with the disk itself.


(PS, is it normal operation that when a disk is missing from the pool, that the pool instantly becomes read only?)


  • Resident Guru
    What happens if you restart the DrivePool services?

    You could also try actually removing the disk then reconnecting it again.

    (re your PS, yes, I believe it is - I'd rather like an option to have the pool remain writable)
  • This one was solved in a rather odd way. . .

    Once I actually let the computer shut down (as in power down, not just "restart") and reboot, everything is fine!

    ...and as for the PS, I agree!
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