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DrivePool (Final Release)

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
The final build of DP 1.2 is out (Build 7140). Just in case you don't follow twitter...

* Final release build.
* Major new items since last release (1.1.0):
- A flexible balancing framework.
- Fine grained balancing settings.
- Layered plug-in based balancing algorithms with user customizable settings.
- 3rd party balancing plug-in support. Anyone can write a new balancing plug-in.
- Integration with Scanner 2.2+ allowing for file evacuation and temperature control.
- Use your SSD as a landing zone for new files on the pool with our 'Archive Optimizer' plug-in.
- A completely rewritten real-time file size tracking system. It's faster and more accurate.
- Various drive removal improvements.
* Balance ratio recalculation is now based on the number of bytes changed on the pool.
* Drive removal was unnecessarily leaving behind some duplicated files on the drive that was removed.
Download Link


  • edited November 2012 Member
    7145 Now.
  • i hope the dashboard crash is fixed with this release,
    going to give it a try after diner.
    what's the best way to upgrade ?
    reboot > remove > reboot > install > reboot ?
  • Just install on top of the current one then reboot when the install is completed. No need to uninstall first.
  • okay,
    well i gave it a try.
    and it still somehow crashes when im in the dashboard.
    it happens when i press in drivepool on the folders tab in the middle.
  • Blue screens with ntfs.sys after install over-top of previous version and reboot.

    will blue screen in about 2 mins.

    Had to do a system restore to get my system working again.

    I have 16 disks in the pool, all drive are at 100% health. so I have no idea whats wrong.

  • Oh, a Blue screen caused by ntfs.sys is a very serious issue. Try this:

    Uninstall the Covecube Drivepool driver first in Device Manager (Should stop the blue screens).
    Then uninstall Drivepool through the dashboard if possible, if not add/remove programs.
    Delete the entire contents of C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool (Your Pool data is 100% safe).
    Reboot, and ensure your system is running safely without any blue screens.
    Then, install the latest beta and reboot again.
  • thanks, but already did the system restore. I couldn't get it to stay up long enough to troubleshoot.

    running fine again, and now i'm afraid to install any new versions!

  • edited November 2012 Member
    beeing that i also have a issue with this version i followed the stept above,
    but now the drivepool tab doesn't show up anymore.

    [after un-installing after a reboot and removing again the C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool  it somehow worked]
  • i've added a screenshot and also attached the screenshot.
    as you can see it doesn't show the folders that are in the pool with there space used.
    when pressing e-index the dashboard crashes

  • edited November 2012 Member

    the release notes for list the following
    Retired DrivePool's folder size tracking. Folder sizes are now all reported using Windows Search. Folder sizes are not used by DrivePool for anything internally, they are only reported to the user,

     is this why the folder size is no longer showing?  I now see that there is a new beta, but would like to get more feed back on, any others experiencing crashing or other problems?  I need to do do a restore and I've been waiting for the stable release of 1.2. edit I meant 1.2 not 1.3. 


  • if it's removed isn't the tab useless ?
    and why does it crash when i press re-index,
    what does it do anyway ?

  • Resident Guru
    Folder sizes should still be showing, they're just now being calculated via Windows Search instead of an internal DrivePool tracker. If this is crashing, please let Alex know via ?
  • Hmm.. here ( I  had some problems with the 1.3 beta. To make a long story short, one of the things I was left with, was there were no folders listed in the Stablebit Drivepool tab at all.
    Turned out the windows indexing wasn't indexing anything at all. Activating the windows indexing now and all folders are shown again (size not correct for all because indexing is still in progress).

  • I have the latest installed but the features are not there, meaning the balancing and landing zone etc.

    version 1.2.7145 listed in add-ins

  • Resident Guru
    The balancing menu is not obvious, unfortunately. Click on the word "Disks" (it's beside the also-clickable word "Folders") in the Stablebit DrivePool tab of the Dashboard.

    Landing zone support is provided by the "Archive Optimizer" plugin, which can be found at

  • The balancing menu is not obvious, unfortunately. Click on the word "Disks" (it's beside the also-clickable word "Folders") in the Stablebit DrivePool tab of the Dashboard.

    Landing zone support is provided by the "Archive Optimizer" plugin, which can be found at
    Thank you sir.
  • Resident Guru
    I've discovered (in the balancing menu is also available from the "Server Folders and Hard Drives" tab, "Pool" sub-tab, by clicking on the pool drive: the options "Check duplication consistency", "Balancing" and "Remeasure" become available.
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