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Questions about bitlocker

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
I was thinking of enabling the bitlocker function on my server but i am confused how this will work with drivepool. Do ienable bitlocker on the the hard drives i added to the pool, example C & D and than i go to the drivepool settings enable bitlocker and this will enable the bitlocker on the drive pool example E?


  • Hi,

    I am also interested in enabling bitlocker to a pool. Is there a howto?
    I tried already enabling bitlocker on my pool but after a reboot the pool was gone :-(

    My steps:
    1. creating C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool\DrivePool.Service.exe.config     
    <setting name="BitLocker" serializeAs="String">
    2. restart DrivePool Service
    3. enabling Bitlocker to the four HDDs forming my pool via Home Server Smart 2012 and enabling AutoUnlock via Home Server Smart 2012 Bitlocker Pool Helper Service

  • Resident Guru
    A how-to for this would be good. Can anyone who has successfully gotten Bitlocker to work with DrivePool please write something up nice for the forum?
  • After some further testing, here a quick guide for enabling bitlocker and drivepool together;

    First of all the initial situation for me
    • WHS 2011 without existing pool
      • StableBit DrivePool Addin installed
      • Home Server Smart 2012 addin installed
    • I only wanted to encrypt the data drives and not the system drive and only drivepool and system drive should have drive letters
    create C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool\DrivePool.Service.exe.config
                 <setting name="BitLocker" serializeAs="String">
      • go to Home Server SMART 2012 addin, tab "BitLocker Drive Encryption" and encrypt all disk you want to add to a pool later (important is to encrypt drives before adding to a pool, I tried the other way, but without success :-( )
        now you have a lot of time until encryption of all drives is ready - time for sleep or so
      •  after encryption is ready go to the Home Server SMART homepage and download the so called "Home Server Smart Bitlocker Helper Service for Disk Pools" short and concise name ;-)
      • install the Bitlocker Helper Service exactly as described here:
      • after the two reboots, go to the Home Server SMART 2012 addin, tab Bitlocker and enable the Autounlock via the Helper Service and reboot again
      • last but not least: create a new pool selecting a encrypted disk or two or...
        to test the pool, create a share, copy some files there and reboot
        if the share is still accessible after the reboot you are done! 
      Important is to encrypt the drive(s) before adding to the pool
      And it is possible to have several pools, one with decrypted drives and the other with encrypted drives.

      And how we say it in german: Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr

      @shane: maybe this post is worth a license for drivepool, or at least a discount? ;-)
    1. Argh!
      After several reboots the pool with the encrypted drives is gone :-(
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