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Scanner File Evacuation & not moving Dup files

edited November 2012 in Scanner
I have a question regarding Scanner + Drive Pool and how the file evacuation option "Move Duplicated Files out of Damaged Disks" works. If you remove this default option and have a bad disk when does the other Dup file get replicated? Does this occur immediately or during a drive balance?

I'm concerned with this option attempting to move a file that resides on a bad sector and then having a corrupt file. I've been burned too many times not knowing a file was corrupt and choosing the wrong file when there was a conflict. I would rather not have Dup files on a bad disk moved and instead rely on the secondary file that resides on other disks. But I want to make sure that if Scanner starts a File Evacuation and I have the option unchecked that my now non-duplicated files immediately get replicated to secondary disks.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




  • Covecube
    I've been pointed to answer this question by Shane, who is out Resident Guru and one of our community leaders.

    If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if a disk is damaged, why do we have an option to evacuate duplicated files off of it?

    That's a good question, because you might think that we would be evacuating damaged files off of it and replacing the known good files with the damaged files.

    This is not the case. All hard drives (and SSDs) have error correction technology which will prevent any program from reading any data off of the disk that is not the original data that was written to the disk.

    The drive will make this determination and prevent the corrupt duplicated file from overwriting the known good one.

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