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Granular folder duplication

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
Would it be possible to consider for a future version, the ability to duplicate a folder within a server folder rather than having to duplicate the entire server folder?

To give you an example, I'm moving to manage my media via iTunes. Previously I had my music in a separate server folder from my movies, with the music being duplicated and the movies not. Because iTunes is now managing it all, it puts the music and movies within the same hierarchy. I still want folder duplication for music but not movies.



  • couldn't you just remove the movies from the Itunes folder to a different folder? I would think some option would exist to move the folders to different locations. I hate Itunes and don't know if this is possible.
  • If this is possible with iTunes I'd love to know but I think you just tell it the root folder and it manages everything under that.
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