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Feeder disk & duplication not working

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
I decided to install 2 60GB SSDs as feeder disks into my 15tb WHS. I'm running DP v1.2.2.7145 and Archive Optimizer and have duplication enabled on all but 2 folders. I have both SSDs configured in Archive Optimizer as Feeder and not Archive and set to Fill Feeder drives up to: 100%. 

Based on this statement below in the description of the plugin I installed 2 SSDs specifically to take on the feeder disk role since the majority of folders i copy data too are duplicated. Well my first copy showed no significant speed increase and while watching disk view I see only 1 SSD being filled up, the 2nd still has .2% full. Checking Scanner I see that SSD 1 is getting data and SSD 2 is idle. And to top it all off i get a "Disk Full" once SSD 1 is filled, SSD 2 is still at .2% full. According to the this post ( I should not have received the disk full because according to Alex statement regarding feeder disks "You won't receive out of disk space messages, DrivePool will simply switch to the next best disk to use (as one with the most free space or one designated by some other plug-in)."

"If you are using duplicated files, then you should specify at least 2 Feeder disks or else the system will fall back to an Archive disk (for one of the 2 file parts) when creating a new duplicated file."

It appears that this plugin is not working. Can someone tell me if i've not configured my Feeder disk SSDs correctly?



  • Resident Guru
    Is this occurring with the other balancers disabled?
  • No, I have not disabled anything yet. This was default, no balancer changes, all settings are default and only enabled archive optimizer when I installed the SSDs. The achiver is the first balancer in the list. At this point the balancer has actually added data to the 2nd SSD, currently at 15.7% full, and has not removed any data from the 1st SSD.
  • Resident Guru
    I would try disabling all balancers except for the archive optimizer and run a manual re-balance, then see if it begins behaving as intended (and if so, re-enable the others one by one as desired). If it still misbehaves, you might want to submit a bug report to Stablebit.
  • FYI....It was a bug that I found with having 2 feeder disks using the Archive Optimizer. Alex has been working the issue and hopefully he will have it all resolved soon.
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