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Problems installing 2 new 3tb wd red drives

edited December 2012 in DrivePool

I recently bought 2 new 3tb WD red edition for my whs2011 server, these are the first 3tb disks i install , my other disks are 2tb drives wich works good.
The 3tb disks are connected on a 4port sata card in the server, 2 of the ports are occupied with 2tb disks.

Now what happens is that when i get into whs2011 the disks are only 746gb, i set the to GPT but still no more space. Also in dashboard, drivepool also see them as "only 746gb" drives:(

Is there anyone who can help me with this issue? Is it a limitation in Whs2011?


  • I have 2 3TB Seagate drive in my server reporting the correct size, and initialized as GPT discs in disk management console and formatted. So its not a limitation of WHS2011.

    Whats the name of your ad-in card? Could be a driver issue for the card...

  • Issue solved, turns out that when i connect the 3tb drives directly to the servers mainboard it found new hardware, then installed drivers for them. In diskmanager they turned up as 3tb disks (2.78tb) . Also drivepool recognised them now:)

    The card is a Promise 300 TX4 sata 4port.

    I put the disks back on the card after the were added to pool , and now they work on the card as well. So must have been a issue that the disks were brand new and the card didnt recognice them correctly. 

    So note to self: put new 3tb hd`s on mainboard first, then move them to Sata cards:)
  • Interesting, and good to know moving forward!   I just put my first 3TB drive into my server, though mine went into a TR5M eSATA box.   Fortunately, there were no issues whatsoever.   Anyone tried a 4TB drive, yet?
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