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Archive Optimizer Plugin

edited December 2012 in DrivePool
I'm now using this new plugin and pleased with the results. However, following the recommendation, I've switched off all the other DrivePool plugins. But really I'd prefer to also run most if not all these other plugins. What are the risks/problems in doing this and is there any likelihood that these conflicts will be resolved in the future so that we can use all these great features.

Thanks for a great piece of software



  • edited December 2012 Resident Guru
    Hi ChipMonk. The risks/problems are mainly in balancing not working as intended. It's not a data loss risk.

    What you could do is try turning your desired balancers back on one-by-one, and/or altering their priorities (take note of the default priority arrangement), and checking the outcome. Always make sure that the Archive Optimizer plugin has top priority.
  • ChipMonk,
    I've been working with Alex on the Archive Optimizer plugin regarding using 2 feeder disks in my system. There was a bug with having multiple feeder disks and i'm now seeing issues with filling up both feeder disk and getting out of space error. Alex has been very supportive and is continuing to troubleshoot my issues, I have him scheduled to remote into my system this afternoon to help work on the out of space errors. 

    So far the patch to Archive Optimizer has seemed to correct the 2 feeder disk issue, his comments below regarding the issue.

    "The problem that I found with the plug-in is that when you had more than one disk selected as the feeder disk it would move the data from the 1st feeder disk onto the second. This is obviously wrong and it fits exactly what you were describing originally, where one of the disks was being processed and the other is not."

    Hoping he can workout of space errors and optimize the Archive Optimizer a little more. Its a sweet feature and can't wait for it to be all working as expected.

  • Thanks for these comments Shane and Christopher. I think I'll just continue to use Archive Optimizer on its own until things become clearer. Archive Optimizer is working well for me (no duplication) and its features are more useful to me than the other plugins right now. I'll only start tweaking if the balance between the other 4 drives goes awry.
  • A quick update. What I thought was another bug my out of disk space error was actually related to me choosing to use 100% of Feeder disks option. Apparently this tells the plugin to use only feeder disks so if you fill them up you'll get the out of disk space error I was receiving. He suggested leaving it at 75% to provide a buffer on impending file copy. Of course the balancer should start to evacuate data and if you exceed the remaining space a archive disk will be used.

    I just want to be clear that the out of disk space error was related to user induced config.

    Also regarding other plugins, I'm using all of them on my system with no ill effects. And this is on a old WHS box, Q6600, onboard SATA, 4 port addin SATA cntler and a dual port eSATA with a 8 bay array with no issues. You should be able to run all the plugins in their default order and config, I would suggest resetting each of them and testing.
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