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Missing Pooled Folders

edited December 2012 in DrivePool
Running a trial version of the latest stablebit on HP n40L on a 120gb SSD and 2 2tb WD red drives with WHS 2001.  Creasted a pool with both drives, moved the server folders over and created a few new folders as well.  Everything has worked great while transferring over almost 2 tb of data from my old whsv1. After a shutdown and restart to install one more WD red drive, the console shows an error that all of my folders are missing!  I restored one of the that had no data in it and it restored back to the pool.  All of my data is still there and I can access it through explorer in the drivepool.  Now I am copying everything to another hard drive for a backup and wondering what happened.  The new drive is fine, but I have since removed it.  Any thoughts or point me to where I can find some logs?


  • An update....
    After copying the data out of the Pictures folder, and having 2 backup copies, I used the recreate folder button which successfully completed and the folder is back with all of the data in it.  However now I am gun shy as hell and need to know what happened before I can trust my data with this add in.
  • Resident Guru
    By the "recreate folder button", do you mean the "Restore DrivePool Shares" option of the troubleshooting tool?

    Did your pool drive letter change when you added the "one more WD red drive"? Windows has a bug whereby adding a drive can 'bump' an existing drive letter; if this happens, your shared folders 'disappear' from the Dashboard/console/network but the pool is still visible via Explorer - which seems to fit your description.

    I'd suggest changing the DrivePool drive letter to something like Z: or P: or whatever, away from your existing drive letters, to reduce the chance of the bump occurring in future (you'll have to run the share restore option again afterwards to point things to the new letter).
  • Shane thanks for your help and insight.
    I meant the recreate missing folder button that showed up under tasks when viewing the folders under the server folders tab.  I took your suggestion and changed the drive letter of the pooled drive from G to P.  The result was identical to what happened earlier, leading me to think that is what happened when i added the hard drive yesterday.  I recreated the folders again which listed the folders in the drive pool with the new letter of P.  Looks like all is well, thanks for your help.
  • Do you guys suggest just changing the drive letter through windows Drive Management? I was about to do it but it said the drive was still in use and I didn't want to stuff things up....
  • edited January 2013 Resident Guru
    Yes, through Drive Management. If you already have shares in the pool, you'll need to reboot and then run the Restore DrivePool Shares option afterward.
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