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Moving a file within the pool

edited December 2012 in BitFlock
Hi, When I move a large file within the pool, it re-writes the file and based on the speed, it seems to do it on the same physical drive. Why does it not just behave like a normal move.


  • Resident Guru
    If you're shifting the file from one share in the pool to another share in the pool, due to the way Windows networking operates it will perform a copy operation rather than a move operation; this is not within DrivePool's control.

    You can see the difference by experimenting with shifting large files:

    A. First, try a move from \\server\poolshare1\subfolderX to \\server\poolshare2\subfolderY

    B. Then, try a move from \\server\poolshare1\subfolderX to \\server\poolshare1\subfolderY

    Method B should happen a lot faster than A.

    If you want to move around a lot of files that are in two different shares, you could open Explorer on the server itself (physically or via Remote Desktop) and move files around directly within the pool drive.

    If this is not what you meant, then we might need to investigate further!
  • Well that will be why then. I think I need a bit of a restructure. Thanks Shane.
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