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Swapping new drives

edited December 2012 in DrivePool

Hi,  I have around 4 drives in a pool and one slot free, the one slot free will be 3tb and my data is less than 3 tb across the current 4 drives i want to remove from the pool.

Any instructions on how i can do this, once this is done i will be adding 3 more 3tb to form the pool.



  • Resident Guru
    Hi waghelak. When you remove a drive from the pool using the "Add/remove disks..." task in the StableBit DrivePool section of the Dashboard, its data is moved to the other disk(s) in the pool.

    So swapping an old drive for a new drive is a matter of (1) add new drive to the machine, (2) add new drive to the pool, (3) remove old drive from the pool, (4) remove old drive from the machine.

    If you didn't have any spare slots for the new drive, you'd either: (a) need enough free space remaining in the pool that you could remove one of the old drives first without running out of room, or (b) use a USB-to-SATA drive enclosure or other temporary method of connecting the new drive until you could free up a permanent slot for it.
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