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In order to better support our growing community we've set up a new more powerful forum.

The new forum is at:

The new forum is running IP.Board and will be our primary forum from now on.

This forum is being retired, but will remain online indefinitely in order to preserve its contents. This forum is now read only.

Thank you,

Sorry for the down time

edited December 2012 in DrivePool
We've been experiencing some down time on our secondary servers (wiki / blog /forum / dl). These sites are not mission critical, so your purchases will still work and activation is not affected.

Here's the story behind the down time:

We've been hosting our secondary non mission critical sites with DreamHost. Recently they have decided to move everyone to a new server farm, without their customer's consent. Needless to say, this was a bad idea. Of course they broke many sites and have created a myriad of problem for their customers (or which we were a part of). Some people even lost their entire businesses,

In out particular case, they had a RAID failure and had neglected to respond to our technical support requests, so some of our sites went down for a while.

Luckily, we had the foresight to build a distributed infrastructure that doesn't depend on one single provider. We use Microsoft Azure for some of our services and other hosts as well.

I have to say, I am not impressed with Linux and DreamHost.

So only secondary non-mission critical sites were down such as the forum, wiki, blog and the download server. We've redirected the download server to a backup server as quickly as possible, but the rest of the sites suffered down time for a few days.

Again, I apologize for any problems that people might have experienced during this period. Hopefully, some of you never realized that there was a problem.

We've since moved all of our secondary web sites to a more reliable hosting solution as of today, so you should not (hopefully) see any more problem :)


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