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Suggestion for WHS 2011 client backup integrity check

edited December 2012 in DrivePool
I was happy to see that the WHSDbDataDump tool has been updated to version 2.0 for WHS 2011.  Version 1 of this tool saved my butt when the client backup database on my WHS V1 server got corrupted. Using the tooI, I was able to recover most of the backup I needed even though WHS wouldn't mount it.

There was also a client backup database checker program available for WHS V1 called WhsDBCheck 1.0.  After my client backup database got corrupted the first time, I used this tool to regularly check the integrity of the database by running it from a batch file.  My suggestion is to update this program to version 2 for WHS 2011. This would be a valuable update even if it has to be run from a command line like version 1. If it could be integrated as a task into DrivePool or Scanner, that would be a feature to brag about.

Thanks for listening.


  • No comments?  I still think that this would be a worthwhile tool.  Currently, I have no idea if my client backups have corruption issues or not.  I've done test mounts of a couple of the backups and downloaded a file or two, but checking the entire database without a tool like WhsDBCheck is not going to happen.
  • Here is a link to the SafeBackup website. I assumed that the Alex at this site is the same Alex at that site since WHSDbDataDump V2.0 is posted here on the StableBit site.

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