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Migrating from WSE 2012 back to WHS 2011

edited December 2012 in DrivePool

Hi everyone, I gave Windows Server 2012 Essentials a try with Storage Spaces. Now, I want to go back to WHS 2011 and DrivePool. Can I just remove all the Data drives, re-install WHS 2011 with DP and put the Data drives back? Or I have to go through copying the data back to the server...




  • edited December 2012 Member
    If you transferred the data over to a storage pool set you can only copy it back while still running WS2012e. If you did not touch the original drives then yes, just reconnect them after you put whs2011 back with DP.

    The other way could be to wait for the 2.0 Beta with ws2012e support, depends if you liked ws2012e.
  • I used Storage Spaces and copied data to it. That was the goal of trying WSE 2012, Storage Spaces and performance over WHS 2011 and DP. If I look inside all HDD's on WSE 2012, I only see a folder named "ServerFolders", which is the same name showing on WHS 2011 HDD's. That's why I was wondering about just putting the drives back to WHS 2011, after installing DP.


  • It sounds by reading the above you have 2 sets of disks, one you are testing storage spaces on and another original DP set. (as you copied the data).

    If you have any new files on the Storage spaces set you need to copy that off as you will lose it all if you install whs2011 again. Storage spaces disks will not be readable due to the way it stripes the data across drives in all modes (software raid).
  • Software raids are really bad when you need them the most, like after a drive failure. I'm glad you had came to your senses.
  • I like a lot about WS2012e, but like the OP, I found SP to be very much inferior to DrivePool, and have reverted to WHS2011 until DP becomes available for the new server.   Alex's software still very much has a place in the server market!
  • Storage spaces needs to be simplified for the user. No way to remove a drive unless breaking the pool. Since I use my server to store my recorded TV, I have found that there is nothing for archiving TV like WHS do. WSE 2012 have a long way to go before we can use it as we did with WHS v1 or 2011 in my opinion.
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