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Thank you,

"other data" ?

edited December 2012 in DrivePool
Hi !

i've got a small question, i've recently upgraded one of the drive on my pool, and now i've got some small issues.

- I can't get back to 100% Pool Condition
- Each time i try to "re-measure" my pool, i get differents results. This morning, on the pool tab, it was telling me "Pooled: 3.50TB", now it's "Pooled: 3.82TB"... and i've stopped to write new data on the pool till the problem is fixed, so i don't know from where those 380GB are coming.
- I've got a lot of "other data" on my drives, and the amount seems to be different each time i hit the "re-measure" button.
- i have some "unduplicated data" on my drives, but all my server folders are pooled & duplicated, and here too, the amount is different each time i hit the "re-measure" button.

i tried to force a duplication consistency check, i've rebuild the WHS Search Index, but nothing really change (well in fact everything change everytime, it looks like random :D)

anyone can help me to understand all those numbers and why they are not always the same considering the fact that i'm not adding or deleting files on the pool ?

Thanks !!

(and sorry if my english is bad, i'm doing my best :( )


  • Resident Guru
    Hi FLK. Is this with any particular/beta version of DrivePool?

    Some other users have also run into problems with WHS Indexing and the pool. What happens if you do re-measures with WHS Indexing turned off?
    Hi, i'm running on DrivePool & Scanner latest release versions. ( &

    How can i turn off indexing ? i just remove every location on the "indexing options" screen ?
  • edited January 2013 Resident Guru
    Note that "re-index" uses Windows Search, while "re-measure" does not.

    Also note that both are background tasks; they can take quite some to complete and your Dashboard display will continue to update as they progress.

    Re indexing, you can untick all the locations (technically indexing would still be on, but not doing anything) or you can Disable the "Windows Search" service via its properties via the Services administrative tools command. If you do the latter and then attempt to "re-index" from DrivePool on the Dashboard it will crash the Dashboard (at least with which I also have), because Search is expected to be an Automatic service.
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