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multiple pool and crashplan

edited January 2013 in DrivePool
Hi guys  and girls, 

It's been a while since I have made a post mainly because drivepool has been working so well,  In the interest of keeping drivepool development going I downloaded the new beta and began testing.

First test setting up a new pool now things get funky seems we have a little bug here when adding adding new hd's they seem to want to make new pools everytime you add them easy to work round remove them from the pool and re add them to the pool you want bug reported.

Second label the new pool as the backup pool and setup up crashplan to backup the mainpool to the backup pool works a treat I now have my entire pool backed up this in turn has allowed me to free up a lot of space on my main by turning duplication  off.

So in short the new multi pool feature is great since data loss is allways a concern of the avid computer user I believe the abilty to now use drivepool as a vaild backup option will be welcomed by many and a very cost effective method since hd's are relatively cheap.
So for me i now have the best of both worlds since i already backup my server up to crash plan as a cloud backup i can now backup cost effectively within my own Server for local backups.

My setup 
Mainpool 24TB
Backup Pool 16TB
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