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Duplicated data yet duplication turned off.

edited January 2013 in DrivePool

I had some issues with my WHS 2011 server and ended up changing out the motherboard.  Originally the setup was with DrivePool and several folders that were shared on the network and duplicated.  When I reinstalled the server and set everything up all of my folders were there, however DrivePool listed them as not having duplication on, which was fine, yet it is still showing data as being duplicated on the pie charts.

If I turn duplication on am I going to end up with a bunch of problems, or is there a way to remove the old duplicated data?

IE My pool shows 2.19 TB of data in the pool, 2.11 TB Duplicated, 2.98 TB free.

Will enabling duplication basically re-duplicate my data and I'll end up eating up my remaining space, or will it recognize the 'old' duplicated information out there and not re-duplicate everything?

Hope that make sense and thank you in advance for any advice.




  • edited January 2013 Resident Guru
    If you turn on duplication, it should not double-duplicate anything it finds already duplicated.

    I do suggest going to the "Pool" tab of the Dashboard's "Server Folders and Hard Drives" section, finding and clicking on your pool drive, and clicking "Check duplication consistency" from the task list on the right.

    (set your preferred duplication status for your shared folders first)
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