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Client Backup Cleanup Does Not Complete

edited January 2013 in DrivePool
I have been getting the above error message in the dashboard for weeks. For a time it was true but I fixed a corrupted file issue as reported in the Task Scheduler and the backups are being managed. But the error alert continues. I have not found a reason for this behavior in the WHS boards. Is there any chance that this is related to DrivePool. I am running a TYAN server with WHS 2100 up to date with version 1.2.7145.

In all respects I really value this product.

David Charlton 


  • Hi,

    There have been a few problems in the past with client backups but i belive they were all sorted.

    Here are a few work arounds that seem to help those that have problems.

    1.Remove the client backups folder from the pool attempt to make a new backup repair the client backups if you need to move the folder back to the pool pool run a backup hope it works.

    2.Remove the client backup folder from the pool delete all the info in the folder move back to the pool run a new backup hope it works

    3.Remove client backups from the pool delete all the info run the backup then move the folder to the pool and run another back and hope it works.

    Step 2 worked for me and a few others

  • OK, I'll give all three approaches a try over the next couple of days and reply. Thanks very much. 

  • Just wondered how u are getting on with this! :)
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