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pool condition not 100%

edited January 2013 in DrivePool
First I searched for answers and found nothing for my question. WHS2011, while in my drivepool tab I noticed my pool condition at 99.9%, after clicking the re-balance button, it will not balance to 100%. Should this concern me?

 I have 5 disks in my pool which consist of 3 physical drives, one 2tb partitioned as 2tb, and two 3tb partitioned each as one 2tb, and one 1tb drive. The Pool shows 2.81tb pooled, with 2.80tb duplication, and 1.66tb of free space.

Thanks in advance.


  • No, i would say anything over 98% is prob as good as it will get. It has a lot to do with the file sizes, number of drives, and which balancers you have turned on. 

    to make this simiple I will use this example:

    Disk Space Equalizer is on. 
    3 Drives 1tb each, so 3tb total.
    You have 3 files that are 1tb each. 

    The balancers will put 1 file on each drive. And the pool condition will be 100%

    now if you add more one file your drives will look like this:
    drive1 50%full
    drive2 50%full
    drive3 100%full

    it will be impossible for the drive condition to be 100%, since it would require each drive to be 66.67% full. but you can't split files across more then one drive without doing raid. 

  • that makes sense to me.
    after posting this I clicked on the Re-index and let that run (not sure how long it took, I did not check for over 24hours) looking at the pool now it shows pool condition at 100.0% 

    apparently the indexing had something to do with file distribution?
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