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avoid disks spin-up when scanning the pool

edited January 2013 in DrivePool

Is there a way to keep a "folder structure" in cache?
Let's me explain.
Each time I launch XBMC, it scans my music and video folder to find new items.
If I pool my 6 hdd, they all will spin-up on xbmc startup.
So I'd like to keep my medias folder in cache to let disks unspinning.
Is it possible?


  • Resident Guru
    Hmm. That would be useful. You might try submitting it as a feature request, though it would also depend on how XBMC carries out its scanning.
  • Disable "Update library when XBMC starts?" If you know something changed, then invoke an update manually.

    If something needs access to the hard drive, the hard drive needs to spin up.
  • Member

    Well even when disbling update library it will still look for something on the disks when browsing the library, making all disks spin up, even the disks with only media files, so no fan art on it. So it is either browsing the folders or aksing for metadata of the video files, i think the first one.


    A feature of directory cache would be nice, like unraid has it.

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