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Drive pool and Lights Out

edited January 2013 in DrivePool
Hi everybody,

I use a N40L with WHS 2011 together with DrivePool and LightsOut for energy saving reasons. Every thing works well, but there is one thing I couldn't find a solution for. I would like to start file duplication at nighttime. Is there any possibility to indicate to LightsOut that DrivePool is active in order to prevent LightsOut to hibernate the system?



  • Resident Guru
    If you know that duplication will occur between two specific times, you can set LightsOut to respect that time period.

    If you know that duplication will begin at a specific time, but not for how long, set LightsOut to respect whatever time period you feel will give DP enough time to complete duplication (if DP cannot complete duplication during that time, it will continue the following night).

    Alternatively, you might be able to monitor the CPU load during DP's duplication and set LightsOut to respect that amount of load.

    Any particular reason to do file duplication at night rather than real-time?
  • The duplication work is not fixed. It varies between nothing to do and several GB when new video files have been stored on the server. I tried CPU load but it doesn't got up as much as needed to be significant.

    I use MediaPortal as Media server. During the duplication process on the server I experience short stops while playing video files on a client. This has somthing to do with hard drive activity. Therefore it is better to duplicate in one job overnight.


  • Resident Guru
    I see that Lights Out can use the presence/absence of a particular file; perhaps you could submit a feature request to StableBit to have a specially-named empty marker file in c:\programdata\stablebitdrivepool that is created at the start of a duplication run and deleted at the end of it?
  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    Hi dieter, DrivePool support for LightsOut by way of marker files is planned and "will almost certainly be in the next 1.3 BETA build".

  • Covecube
    Hopefully tomorrow, maybe Monday :)
  • Covecube
    Didn't make it today, but see:

    I posted the next internal build if you really want to try this now.
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