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Hard Drive Fault

edited January 2013 in Scanner



I have a brand new WD Green 3Tb Hardrive which is showing 1 red sector in scanner and a smart error i have run various other harddrive programs to double check and none of them are showing the same problem even chkdsk comes back as no errors in the meantime scanner is going nuts and wont let me use the drive because it says it is damaged is any other way i can check the drive for damage before i try RMA it i dont want to llok like a fool for sending a good drive back.




  • Usually if Scanner is showing a bad sector, you have a bad sector. It's possible that the sector has already been remapped so it won't show up in other programs.

    Mark the entire drive as "Unchecked" and force Scanner to rescan, if it still had a bad sector, then you have your answer, if it doesn't then the drive "Fixed itself" and you should be fine.

    I wouldn't RMA a drive for a single bad sector...
  • hi phil,

    Thanks for the reply i was thinking the same the only problem is scanner flags the drive as damaged even tho like u say 1 bad block is nothing and has prob been remapped.

    As a result scanner wants to move all the files off the drive the only way to stop it is to tell it not to monitor the drive which is not ideal incase a real problem does  arise,  i cant find an option to tell scanner to skip the block i can mark it unread or ok but when scanner rechecks it  just flag's the drive as damaged and start's the whole process of moving the files off again.

    I like scanner and think it is a brillaint program i think we need a few more options tho so we can also monitor the drives ourselvs when soemthing pops up like my problem 1 bad sector does not mean the drive is knackerd it may run well for many years but scanner thinks it is knackerd and on the way out and just wants you to remove it and like i said the only way to stop it is to tell it not to monitor the drive.

    What is puzzleing tho is i downloaded WD's own smart software to check the drive and it also says all is ok SMART is green and all checks are within tolerance even the surface disk scan (took 9hrs) came up clean.

    For now i switched of the smart monitor for the drive tho this is not ideal at least i can use the drive.

    Thanks for the reply


  • Resident Guru
    To change DrivePool/Scanner evacuation protocol: from Dashboard, go to StableBit DrivePool, go to Disks (where you see Folders and Disks, click Disks), go to Balancing (beneath list of disks, may need to scroll), go to Balancers, go to StableBit Scanner balancer, tick/untick options as desired, click Save.

    To have Scanner re-examine bad blocks on a disk: from Dashboard, go to StableBit Scanner, open up (click on plus sign) desired disk, click on dropdown triangle next to white circular arrow on green circle (hover tooltip "Edit blocks"), choose "Mark all unreadable blocks Unchecked", click white triangle on blue circle (hover tooltip "Start check").

    Hope this helps.
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