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SAMSUNG HD204UI (patched) and WHS2011

edited January 2013 in Scanner
With this harddisc SAMSUNG HD204UI (i have 6 of them) i can't make some configurations (i can't use, all switches are "grey") and the infos are very low. i know that this type of hd have a bug with smart, but i have all patched.

whats wrong?



  • I have the same problem :-(
  • Covecube
    The Scanner is extra careful with this model because of said firmware bug that causes data corruption.

    You can override this behavior and enable all the features by putting in your model number in the GoodIdentifyOverride advanced setting.

    ONLY do this if you're absolutely sure that the drive is patched with a fixed firmware.

    As I recall, there is no way to determine if the drive is patched by looking at the firmware version number.
  • Ok i see:   

             <setting name="GoodIdentifyOverride" serializeAs="String">


    But what i type for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ?

  • please have a look to the attached pictures.


    KR JiKo

  • Covecube
    JiKo, put in this:


    Put that in exactly as I typed it.

    It's a "regular expression" pattern that says: Anything before, then HD204UI, then anything after.
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