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[DP 2] Server 2012 - Linux unable to see all files/folders inside shares.

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
I moved my raid card to my Server 2012 Install, and setup drive pool, everything seems to be working fine, other then my Linux PCs are unable to see all files inside the shares on drive pool. Windows computers can see all the folders/files with the same permissions. 

I reset all the permissions on the files to make sure they were correct with no luck. Linux is only seeing 148 folders, while windows see all 187 folders in this share. 

I tired to submit a bug report but I am getting an error with the application. 


  • Covecube
    Which version of Linux exactly?

    It's also possible that it's a SMB issue. Microsoft has changed the protocol before with updates and those changes have been known to break linux's SAMBA.
  • edited February 2013 Member
    Ubuntu 12.04, and Openelec 3RC2.

    It is every strange as some of the files/folders that Linux can't see were created by Linux. 
    I'll setup a VM with Windows 7, or 8 and test it tomorrow to see if I get the same issue.
  • Covecube
    I'll take a look at it.

    Could be a directory listing issue. Haven't seen one of those in a while.

    I presume this is DrivePool 2.0 on Server 2012 Essentials?
  • Just Server 2012. 
  • edited February 2013 Covecube
    If you have time, can you generate some tracing date on those listings? It would help a lot.

    Here's how:
    • On the server, run:
      C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool\DrivePool.Service.exe

      This will give you console access to the DrivePool service.
    • Hit T to disable default tracing. This will get DrivePool ready for a file system trace.
    • Prepare to do the directory listing that doesn't work on Ubuntu.
    • Hit T again to re-enable tracing.
    • Perform the broken directory listing.
    • Go back to the DrivePool console and hit T to stop tracing. This will save a trace file.
    The trace file is saved in:
    C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\CoveFs\DrivePool.CoveFs.etl

    Upload that file using the form on this page:

    If you can get me a trace file for the non-working Ubuntu listing, and then another one for a working Windows listing, so that I can compare the two, that would help immensely.
  • I just uploaded the files, both the working windows trace, and the ubuntu trace. 
  • Covecube
    Thanks, I see them and will take a look.
  • I'm seeing the same thing from Windows 8 -> OS X (no idea which version, probably from 2 years ago).


    Creating a share with 1k empty "New Folder"s on a non-pooled drive and they all show up, but putting the same share on a pooled drive and only ~30 or so of them get listed on the OS X machine.

    FWIW, the "missing" folders seem to be accessible if I attempt to access them directly.  They just don't show up in the directory listing.

  • I'm seeing the same thing.  I have 10TB drivepool set up on windows 8, with the pool shared.  When I look at shared pool from another machine, the directory is truncated.  The truncation is sorted alphabetically.  Nothing past "G".
  • Same thing here... Can't see all my files/folder from my openELEC XBMC box.
  • I'm seeing the same thing with openElec and Server Essentials 2012. Sat down to watch a movie and noticed that I was missing a few. I added 5 movies two days ago and only one of them was added to the XBMC library. Hard to say how long this has been happening as the movies I was missing were not watched often.
  • Hi, 

    im seeing the same thing. im running windows 2012 server . on my ipad i have an app mplayer that has smb support . the folder structure gets cut off when opening shares on the drivepool. when i move the share off the pool it looks fine . 
  • edited March 2013 Member
    I have this problem as well. My "server" is a Windows 8 Pro box (x64) with DrivePool 2.0.202.

    A Windows client can see 164 items in a shared Movies folder, a Mac running Mountain Lion only sees 32 items.

    The share is balanced across two disks with no duplication, but I don't think that has any bearing on what is visible. If I go into a folder on the Mac I can see all files regardless of the drive they are stored on, so it's just the long root folder that's getting truncated.

    Any idea when this will be fixed?

    I have tried DriveBender which was completely useless for me, DrivePool seems to work very well apart from this issue.
  • Just wanted to add that I'm seeing similar behaviour on an Android tablet running 4.1.1 Jelly bean and running XBMC with smb to shares on my drive pool. Yes I realise a little left of field :)

    Drive pool running on Server 2012. 

    Android XBMC grabs the first 116 movie folders.
    Android ES File Explorer (a file explorer for Android) grabs about 130 folders.
    Windows - 1000+ folders.

    Happy to provide further diag info if that will help

  • edited March 2013 Member
    Hi Guys,

    I have the exact samt problem as the rest of you. 

    Running Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit with DrivePool BETA

    When i connect to my SMB shares from my MacBook or iMac (both running OSX 1.8.3) i only se approximately half of my files in allmost every folder. But when i connect with my Windows 7 laptop i can see all files.

    I don't use file duplication, and right now i have 5 2TB disks connected to my drivepool. 

    Hope you can help us out Alex. If you need more info, please let me know. 

  • Member

    I'm also having this issue. It appears from digging through the hidden drivepool folders, that UNIX-based systems only see 1 drives' worth of data per share -- or something of the sort.

  • Just wanted to confirm that the new update has resolved this issue for my Android XBMC installation.

    Awesome work Alex! thank you very much.
  • Given it a quick test and it looks fixed to me, good stuff!!
  • Just updated to .220 and all my problems are gone!.. thank you Alex, that is what i call quick response.  :D

    I am yet again a happy DrivePool camper.. 
  • Covecube
    Just an update,

    I'm sorry that I can't personally respond to every issue on the forum, but I am generally VERY busy trying to get the best features and bug fixes out there on time.

    Thanks everyone for reporting this issue, as you could imagine this was a very high priority and should now be fixed.

    Any further problems should be reported to:
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