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basic understanding of folder duplication needed....

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
whs 2011 drivepool.

i created a pool, added 2 3tb drives, the pool shows up as 5.73tb.  ok, so that's 2x 3tb, so to speak.  i want to move server folders to the pool and have duplication enabled for all of them.  it looks to me like i have to enable folder duplication on a folder by folder basis, so as i add folders and enable duplication the total pool capacity will decrease each time i add a folder and enable duplication for that folder, correct?

the reason i ask is i sort of expected to add the 2 drives and enable duplication enmass and have the pool capacity only show up as the capacity of one of the drives, i.e. 3tb.  make sense?



  • Resident Guru
    Hi montejw360. From memory of when this issue first came up way back, there are two reasons for measuring pool capacity as the total available space of the drives that make up the pool, rather than on the amount of free space available if all folders were duplicated.

    The first is that DrivePool cannot predict whether a user is actually going to keep only duplicated content in the pool.

    The second is that if the pool has an odd number of drives and/or drives of differing size, you cannot completely fill the drives with duplicated content because at least one drive will run out of space before the others and/or the "duplicated only" capacity may have multiple possible values depending on the sizes of the files to be stored.

    So since DrivePool has to handle all possible combinations of drives and content, extra code means extra work and the possibility of extra bugs, and it's simple and straightforward enough to just display the actual physical space available, that's what happened. :)
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