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Scanner not scanning automatically?

edited February 2013 in Scanner

I am currently trying out Stablebit Scanner however I am having problems.

I ran an initial scan of 3 drives on 13/01/2013 and I set it to rescan readable blocks every 20 days.

It has yet to rescan any of the drives that were scanned on this day. why is this?  It has now been 21-22 days.


  • Covecube
    • First, make sure that Start / Stop Automatically is enabled on the main window.
    • Then, in Scanner Settings, make sure that you are in the "Work Window".

      In other words, if it's set up to scan only at night, and it's outside of that window, then it won't be scanning when you're looking at it.
    • Finally, you can double click on any disk to expand the surface map.

      On the disk surface map, hover over the blocks to see the exact date and time that those sectors were last checked.
  • edited February 2013 Member
    Just checked individual blocks and some were checked yesterday, however it shows as "last scanned 13/01/2013". should that not change, or is that only showing the last manual scan?

    Or will it change once the whole drive has been rescanned?
  • Covecube
    The Scanner doesn't just record the last scan time for the whole drive.

    It actually is much more sophisticated than that. It used "sets" in order to keep track of every single sector in the drive. And this applies to manual scans and automatic scans.

    The last scan time is actually set to the time when that a particular sector range has started scanning.
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