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Do not get any UI for Windows 7

edited February 2013 in DrivePool

Hello all,

had hoped someone could get me on the right track here. There must be something I have overlooked.

Been a user of WHSv1 for some years now and have been patiently waiting for the Windows 7 version of DrivePool. But after downloading and installing the software nothing happens. Task manager reports that Notification, Service and UI processes are present, but only Service is reported as running. Restarting has no effect. I have re-downloaded and de/reinstalled.

How do I activate the UI/Console?




  • No one?
    Setup runs without interruptions, but no installation wizard appears. Is that a separate download?
  • Hello

    I can't be of much assistance other than telling you that I have the exact same problem.
    I've created a support request, but no luck so far....
  • Shared fate is some consolation, you know. We'll just have to wait som more, then.
  • I created a Win7 VM, did full windows updates, attached my drives, and install Drive Pool. 

    Everything was working fine. 
  • What VM software did you use?
  • edited February 2013 Covecube
    This has been reported a number of times with the DrivePool 2.0 BETA.

    At this point I don't have anything that would point me to the cause.

    The UI is a pretty straight forward WPF application that requires the .NET 4.0 Client Profile installed (we will do this for you automatically).

    I can't think of what would make it not show up at all, and have not been able to reproduce this (yet).

    I'm sure we can resolve this with time, but at this stage in the BETA, whatever is causing this is not immediately clear. Also, it is not affecting everyone, and none of the test servers here.

    I appreciate everyone's patience while we work on resolving this.
  • Changing these settings in Region settings solved it for me.

    Format: English (United States)
    Home Location: United States
    Language for non-Unicode programs: English (United States)
  • Magic!
    Remains to be seen what this American twist does to my Norwegian installation.
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