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edited February 2013 in DrivePool
I gave in with whs 2011, to Much trouble, so decided on win 7 64 bit, had an old cd in the draw.
Loved DP and was glad to see I could use it on win 7, was the main reason to switching,
Problem is the UI is different, and I can find the duplication anywhere.
When I installed win 7, then DP was great to see it remained from the old server, on the pie chart it has a section that says duplication, I can only guess it inherited it from the server, because I can't find which files are duplicated?
Am I missing something simple here? I would like to choose which files are duplicated and which are not?



  • You should read the blog.

    What’s Missing?

    Under the hood, StableBit DrivePool 2.0 supports everything that 1.3 does and more. But some things are not exposed in the UI yet. For the first BETA we don’t have a neat way to set duplication levels on individual folders, but that’s coming. For now you can use dpcmd to do that.The balancing plug-ins from DrivePool 1.X will not install on 2.0 because of the different installer technology. Those will be updated as the BETA moves along.The current StableBit DrivePool 2.0 BETA is only available in English, but we’ll localize it to all the languages supported by 1.X before the final is released.

  • @japrehm Thanks for the info, had a look at the dpcmd, but not sure how to use it, is there any documentation that might help me make some sense of this.
  • I can chime in on how to enable duplication on the folder level.

    Fire up a command prompt by clicking start, typing cmd, right click on the cmd and run as administrator.

    If you just type dpcmd in the cmd prompt it will give you some direction on how it works.

    I typed the following to enable folder duplication on my pictures share.

    Dpcmd set-duplication G:\servershares\pictures 2

    The 2 at the end tells drive pool to duplicate to two locations that specific folder. Now you'll see in the GUI that it starts to duplicate. It's been running great for me on server 2012 essentials and with great performance.

    For your case, you'll just tell it what folder you want to duplicate. A small tip, while you're typing the folder path, you can start typing the folder name then hit tab on your keyboard and it should auto fill the name of the folder, if you keep hitting tab, it will cycle to the different folder names.

    Hope that helps.
  • @ajafar It sure did help, thank you for the info, the duplicated pie section is increasing now, so presume it is working fine, once again to both you and japrehm for the help. D
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