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Question about the File Placement Blancer

edited February 2013 in BitFlock

In the settings for this balancer plug-in it uses the terms "duplicated files" and "un-duplicated files". First question is do these terms mean what they say? I'm guessing yes, in which case can I make the suggestion that you also include the term "duplicate copy" as a third placement possibility. I have a structure where I would very much like to place original files and duplicates on separate controllers, rather than just separate drives.

Does this sound feasible?/desirable?/stupid?.


  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    * The term "duplicated files" means "files that are duplicated". The term "un-duplicated files" means "files that are not duplicated". This is because, from the perspective of DrivePool itself, duplicated files are identical twins - as soon as both exist, they have equal value.

    If the balancer is set to evacuate un-duplicated files, it will evacuate only un-duplicated files from the suspect disk; if the balancer is set to also evacuate duplicated files, it will evacuate all files from the suspect disk. The term "evacuate" means "move to another disk".

    (note: files that are not in the pool will not be evacuated)

    * Regarding evacuating to a drive on a separate controller (or trying to keep duplicates on separate controllers in the first place), that sounds like something to submit as a feature request -
  • Excellent Thanks for the quick response.
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