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licensing question, are windows 7 and whs 2011 2 totally separate products/licenses?

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
licensing question, are windows 7 and whs 2011 2 totally separate products/licenses?  any way to combine them?


  • No they're from different universes! No combinations that I'm aware of.


  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    As far as I knew, a standard retail DrivePool license has always been "one computer, regardless of version", including regardless of OS, but rather than take my word for it please wait (and enjoy the trial) while I ask Alex to clarify this in the Licensing FAQ. I'll post (or Alex will) here too with the answer.
  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    From Alex, "One license grants you the ability to run a particular product (like DrivePool) on any one machine at the same time."

    So if you only have one license for DrivePool, are currently using it on a WHS 2011 machine and want to use it on a Windows 7 machine instead, you can deactivate your license on the WHS 2011 machine and then reactivate it on the Windows 7 machine (and vice versa).

    Note that your pool is not tied to your license; moving one does not move the other.

    Coincidentally, today I had to move my WHS installation to a new system disk; DrivePool presented a dialog requesting that I transfer the license to the "new machine" - one click, and it was done. Easy!
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