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Added the "D" drive to the pool but the empty space is still showing up in the non-pooled shares

edited July 2011 in DrivePool


Migrating from DE to DP.

Installed WHS 2011 on one 500 GB drive, did all the updates, blah blah.

Installed DP

Added an empty 2TB drive and added it to the pool

Added the D Drive (440 GB remaining) to the pool

The server shares still show the "D" drive remaining space.

That seems weird or wrong. Is it?

Also, will the server shares be able to be pooled in the final version?

In the meantime, I should and use whatever folders I need for data storage in the pool? Do not use the server shares?

Thanks in advance...


  • Resident Guru
    DrivePool does not "monopolise" drives/partitions added to the pool; unused space on those partitions is still available to other programs and WHS itself.

    Server shares will be able to be pooled in the final version.

    I don't know what method Alex has planned for migrating WHS shares into DrivePool; I've been using pool shares myself in preference to the WHS shares.
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