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Cannot reinstall drivepool

edited March 2013 in DrivePool

I've done this:
1) Uninstall from Dashboard.
2) Make sure its gone from Control Panel, Programs and Features.
3) Set Folder options to show hidden files and delete the StableBitDrivePool folder inside C:\ProgramData.
4) Reboot and reinstall.

but on trying to reinstall DP 1.2.6.x, I get a message saying "the add-in cannot be installed". This is after a popup appears stating that the Covecube virtual disk driver (?) has been installed.
What do I do now?
Scanner (latest version) is installed, do I uninstall it as well?


  • Resident Guru
    Hi NickM, could you try again, this time with the reboot after step 2 and before step 3, and also make sure c:\program files\stablebit\drivepool was removed in step 3?

    If it fails again, check c:\programdata\microsoft\windows server\logs\InstallAddin.log - the last entry should record the error that caused the install to fail.
  • Member
    Apologies for the delays in replying (work).

    Problem solved. One of the 4 2-TB drives had failed. This made drivepool unstable (somehow?) and I could not reinstall. The bad disk made drivepool lock the pool and cause some other problems.

    Shane, I tried your steps but they did not work. I could not find any entries in InstallAdding.log beyond the first few steps the addin takes when installing - there were no errors.

    Drivepool and Scanner were both inoperable until I replaced the faulty drive, which I identified using the freeware program DiskCheckup (the serial numbers reported by Scanner (once I replaced the drive) had no relation to the serial numbers actually on the disks). Dashboard kept crashing, making Scanner pretty much useless for identifying any problem. .
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